Professional execution of welding work

At IndMont, welding work is carried out exclusively by experienced professionals.

This is where our experts are deployed:

  • for repair work
  • for workshop operations
  • manufacture of finished parts
  • when welding pipelines

Our special attention is paid to the professional execution of all welding work. This means a very high precision, which is particularly required when welding stainless and black steel. Special features such as sealing welding and X-ray welding round off the expertise of our colleagues.

The following welding processes are used:

  • MIG metal  inert gas welding  (aluminium, stainless steel)
  • MAG metal welding with active gases (steel)
  • TIG tungsten inert gas welding (stainless steel, aluminium)
  • E-hand welding (steel)

Occupational safety during welding work

Welding work also entails one or the other danger and therefore requires special precautions. Thus, the installation of welding workstations must be carefully planned. In particular, this is about safe and humane workplaces that meet the requirements of occupational health and safety.

There are many potential hazards and stresses at welding workplaces: pollutants, fires, explosions, electricity, optical radiation, mechanical hazards and noise can endanger the health of the welder. Thus, numerous factors must be taken into account when setting up welding workshops and welding.

Protection against hazardous substances is paramount during welding work

For workplaces where welding work is carried out, there is a binding ranking of protective measures. This is specified in §7 of the Hazardous Substances

  1. substitution
    i.e. low-emission processes and welding additives must be used
  2. technical and organisational measures
    i.e.  hazardous substances must be extracted directly at the place of origin. Depending on the situation, additional ventilation measures must be implemented. In addition, employees must receive instruction and occupational health care.
  3. individual measures
    i.e. welders must provide respiratory protection, e.g. through measures such as externally ventilated welding helmets with respiratory filters.
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